Married 25 Years

After being married 25 years, a man looked at his wife one day and said, "You know, 25 years ago we lived in a cheap apartment, drove a cheap car, had only a sofa bed and watched a 14" black and white television,  BUT, every night I got to sleep with a hot 25 year old blonde."

"Now," he continued, "We have a nice  house, a  new car, a big flat-screen TV, but I have to sleep with a 50 year old woman.  It doesn't seem fair."

His wife was a reasonable woman.  She replied, "Well, why don't you go out and get yourself a hot 25  year old blonde?  Then I'll make sure you will once again live in a cheap apartment, drive a cheap car, have only a sofa bed and watch a 14" black and white television."

The man rethought his priorities.